About Us

The LERNER GROUP was formed in 1999 to provide an ethical, analytical, and technical approach to the sale of life and disability insurance and group benefits. Our company was formed with the belief that success would coincide with building a reputation of trust, honor, and integrity. We believe the purchase of insurance is not a single transaction, but also includes ongoing monitoring of products available, continued review of client facts and circumstances, and a long-term commitment to excellent client service.

The LERNER GROUP was founded in California by a group of Certified Public Accountants. While working at Big 5 CPA firms, the founders accurately identified a need in the insurance industry for a specialized approach to the sale of life insurance and employee benefits products. They decided to build a company that would provide more than the traditional “off-the-shelf”
sales approach offered by most insurance agencies. Since inception, The LERNER GROUP has provided analytical expertise designed to help client’s determine the insurance options that best fit their specific needs. The company has become a highly respected agency, known for technical skill and client services.

While we continue to grow, The LERNER GROUP continues to provide the very best client services for life insurance and group benefits. Whether it’s for family planning, estate planning, or business planning, we analytically prove every strategy involving the use of insurance prior to implementation.
Unless an insurance plan is economically superior to other existing insurance or non-insurance options, we will not recommend that plan. When insurance is recommended, we will then determine which insurance company is best to use. As we are an independent agent we are able to shop the entire market of highly rated insurance companies to provide our clients with the least expensive options available.

We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in providing the very best technical analyses and client services in the insurance industry.